Top 5 Best Features of Samsung One UI 2.0


Top 5 Best Features of Samsung One UI 2.0 – With the great success of One UI 1.0 implementation in the the recent relesases of Samsung phone’s, Samsung has release their new flavour of System interface named as One UI 2.0. Samsungs latest released smartphone like A series and M series were very successfull campaign for their out looks and inner look also. The performance were upto mark and the UI was also very smooth comparing with their previous Touchwiz UI. In One UI 1.0 Samsung used Android 9.0 Pie in the previous year. With the release of Android 10, Samsung’s One UI 2.0 is rolling out to a lot of Samsung phones. One UI 2.0 isn’t a massive change from thier previous version. But some of the features are really cool and will bring amusement using smartphone. Here we will discuss about some top features of One UI 2.0


Top 5 Best Features of Samsung One UI 2.0

Top 5 Best Features of Samsung One UI 2.0
Top 5 Best Features of Samsung One UI 2.0


Incoming Call Pop-up

The Phone app in One UI 2.0 has new options for displaying calls — they can either come in as full-screen alerts, pop-ups (like in stock Android), or as tiny floating pop-ups. If you take a lot of calls on your phone, you might appreciate this feature. If you choose one of the pop-up options, you can also leave the call in the popup, like a chat head in Facebook Messenger. You can get to this setting by opening the Phone app, tapping the menu icon, selecting ‘Settings,’ and choosing ‘Call display while using apps.

Dark Mode Works On Far More Apps

The dark mode feature in One UI 1.0 was only limited to the Samsung’s system applications and some handfull third party apps. Android 10 introduces the new standard system dark mode, which Samsung has integrated into One UI 2.0.

The new Dark Mode of One UI 2.0 now works on far more apps including Gmail, Google Tasks, Pocket Casts, Instagram, YouTube, Nova Launcher, and countless others. The schedule dark mode also follows from One UI 1.0 so you can have all your apps turn dark after sunset automatically. The wallpaper will also dim when dark mode is enabled.



Customizable Quick Setting Panel

Now you can easily add/remove or change anything you want in the Quick Setting panel. Generally samsung put a lot of information in the Quick Setting and also the Quick Setting tiles are not arranged by our best interest. Now you can get rid of those annoying information from the quick setting panel.

Better Device Care UI

One of the best new features as part of the One UI 2.0 upgrade is the enhanced Device Care UI. It gives you more controls for things like Wireless PowerShare, has a slightly neater look and includes far more in-depth battery usage statistics. It might not be somewhere you spend a lot of time but the improvements are instantly noticeable and very welcome.

Screen Recorder

Samsung has added screen recorder with full features that could possibly have. Not only can you record the screen, which was already possible with third-party apps, but you can also include system audio, draw on the screen, and even include your front camera. The floating control panel doesn’t show up on the recording, which isn’t the case with third-party apps.



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