Speed Up Your Android Smartphone


Speed Up Your Android Smartphone- A slow phone is not smart, rather its a heavy garbage to your pocket. A low-end smartphone or a old smartphone gets slow by the time being which is quite natural and also irritating. This is why we will be sharing some tips to speed up or accelarate your smartphone.


Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

Speed Up Your Android Smartphone
Speed Up Your Android Smartphone


  • Find The Problem

The first step to speed up your smartphone is to find out what is slowing down your phone. It could be an app or multiple apps or the system itself. We will be sharing an App to find out the problem. Trepn Profiler by Qualcomm will show you the real-time CPU load for individual cores, an overview of network traffic for both data and Wi-Fi, GPU loads and RAM usage and more. The app also provide some usefull widget by which you can see the whole system at work in your homescreen. Try it now. You can find it on google play store



  • Close Apps & Free Up RAM

We often uses a lot of app at a time, and forget to clean them from the recent menu. It takes only a second to clean apps, but the less tough job get the most carelessness. So, it is wise to clean the recent apps frequently to make the ram free for time to time.

Clear Recent Menu
Recent Menu



  • Do Not Use Cleaner Apps Or Uninstall Cleaner App

Most often we see most of the user to use some unnecessary cleaner app to clean RAM cache. Although it might seem like an excellent idea for more inexperienced users, task killers and 3rd party storage management apps usually do more harm than good. Android Smartphone has its own ram cleaner which is cleaning from the recent menu. The 3rd party ram cleaner uses more spaces in the ram to run. So, it is wise to not use those 3rd party cleaner and uninstall it if you have one in your phone.

Clean Master


  • Use Less Widget As Possible

Widgets are a cool feauture in android smartphone and it makes your phone look more stylish. But if you have a old smartphone or a slow smartphone, you better consider those widget to be removed. To make your phone speedy you can remove some unnecessary widget from youyr phone.



  • Free Up Some Storage

It needs breathing room to run smoothly, and if it’s low on storage, it can start to slow down. You might have a lot of photos and videos on your phone, but if you do not have large amount of storage or the free space is very poor at the moment, your smartphone may lack of smoothness and speedyness. So, free up some space. Take your media’s in some other backup storage. You can also uninstall some unnecessary apps from the app manager to keep storage clean or efficient. Many Android devices provide options to do so without the need of installing 3rd party apps. You can find it on the settings of your phone.

  • Restart The Phone

A quick and simple fix for a slow device is to simply restart it. This can clear out the cache, stop unnecessary tasks from running, and get things running smoothly again.


  • Keep Your Software Or OS Up To Date

Any system update keep your phone updated brings a lot of tweaks to your system. Thats why, system update are always helpfull to speed up your system. Always keeo your software updated. You can check the required updates in Setting>About Phone>Software Update. Make sure your software is always on the latest version available. You might not always be ready for a big download but don’t put it off forever, either.


  • Clean App Cache

Now a days, android apps keeps a lot of cache to make your app run more faster. But the problem is, it takes a huge sopace from your memory. So, you can always clean the app cache to keep some storage free. You can clear cache in the Setting>App Manager>Choose App>Clean Cache.


  • Root Your Phone

For advanced users, the unlocking the developer options is a mere taste of power, the first step on the path to the real arcane arts-rooting the phone. With a rooted device, you have the freedom to install cleaner ROMs that can run more smoothly than your current setup, and even overclock the processor, cracking the whip on your hardware to make it run faster. Just keep in mind these methods are not without risk. Rooting your phone is a complex process, and it can void your warranty. A careless user can end up breaking their phone’s operating system. But the rewards outweigh the risks for many. You can find some root methods in our website.


  • Last Tips- Factory Reset

If nothing can work out to speed up your phone, make a factory reset which is the last tip we can give you. Make sure to save your data, media and contacts in a safe place for recovery.

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