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Samsung New System Interface ‘One UI’ Review

Samsung New System Interface ‘One UI’ Review – On ‘Samsung Developer Conference’ samsung has released some very exciting news about their upcoming plans for their users. One of the exciting thing they are bringing in is their new System UI they named called ‘One UI’. After all those boring Touchwiz UI’s they gave in a lot of their smartphones they are finally cleaning it up with a new one which could make using your phone that little bit easier. So in this article we will share everything we know about the latest Samsungs interface One UI.

Samsung New System Interface ‘One UI’ Review

Samsung New System Interface One UI Review
Samsung New System Interface One UI Review

In their new ‘ONE UI’ they tried to keep it as simple and user friendly as possible. Though it is not pure stock android, it also has samsung apps and service but compared to Samsung Experience, it’s much more basic, which is a good thing. They really heard their users review and tried to make it comfortable for them which will increase the love for the samsung ui again. Touchwiz UI was very heavy and quite laggy UI which eats a lot of RAM usage. Specially their budget range smartphone was kind of a disastrous feeling to use for the excessive usage of RAM.

Samsungs New System Interface One UI
Samsungs New System Interface One UI

They really did some impressive work to use their new One UI in one hand. For example, They provide a big screen in their flagships phones which feels large in hand and one might find difficulties to use it in their daily work. Like, in any app or their built in setting window they put a small search button on the top right corner which a user face difficulties to reach a finger to there. In One UI, they put the setting button in a reachable position for finger. You can have a look on the picture provided below in photo gallery and Clock app. Other apps featured a similar layout.

They also make a new “Dark Mode,” which gives apps a black background to make it easier to read elements on the screen in the dark without straining your eyes. Samsung is also making the experience between software and hardware a little more uniform by color-matching aspects of the interface with the color of the phone itself. So, for example, if you buy a purple phone, you’ll find different purple user interface elements too.

Samsung One Ui Interface
One UI

Samsung thought to give their user a sweet taste in their built in Messaging App. Messages app will be split into two sections — a preview section and an “interaction area.” With these two sections, you’ll be able to select what messages you want to read, which will appear in the viewing area without opening a new screen.

Samsung One Ui Feature
One Ui Features

Thats All we know about the new system interface One UI. Currently they released a beta program for the users. Users can submit a request to them to participate in the beta program. Initially they have improved a lot from their previous Touchwiz Ui to their Latest One Ui. They will launch the final version of the UI in their latest Flagship device Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, and Note 9 in early January, and will presumably show up in Samsung’s other phones going forward.

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