Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Custom Rom Renovate Ice V11.1 (SM-G95XF/FD/N) (Oreo 8.0) (Nightly)


Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Custom Rom Renovate Ice V11.1 (SM-G95XF/FD/N) (Oreo 8.1) (Nightly). Renovate Ice Oreo 8.1 powered custom rom for Samsung Galaxy S8 is pretty smooth and stable custom rom which is developed by mwilky, SoLdieR9312 & baadnewz and Renovate Ice developer team. This Rom was based on Android Open source project. Renovate Ice Rom for Samsung Galaxy S8 was built over G950FXXU1CRD7. This nightly build of rom can be flashed ion samsung s8 (SM-G95XF/FD/N this variant only). If you want additional information about this rom, download link and installation method of Renovate Ice V11.1 for SM-G95XF/FD/N, please check out the article below.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Custom Rom Renovate Ice V11.1 (SM-G95XF/FD/N) (Oreo 8.0) (Nightly)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Custom Rom Renovate Ice V11.1 (SM-G95XF/FD/N) (Oreo 8.0) (Nightly)
Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Custom Rom Renovate Ice V11.1 (SM-G95XF/FD/N) (Oreo 8.0) (Nightly)


ROM Description

ROM Name: Renovate Ice

ROM Version: V11.1

ROM OS: Android Oreo

OS Version: 8.0

Devices:  Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G95XF/FD/N Variant)

ROM Base: Android Open Source Project

ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x

ROM Status: Stable and Unofficial

ROM Size: 2.4 GB

ROM  Language: English/ Multi language supported

Rom Release date: 15 May 2018

ROM Tester: Sswagonman, Nameless (Official)

ROM Uploader: Jack The Reaper, Instandroid

ROM Contributor: Instandroid, XDA

ROM Developer:   Renovat Ice Team (mwilky, SoLdieR9312 & baadnewz), Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus XDA Developer Team

ROM Source Credit: XDA Forum


ROM Features

  • Android 8.0 Custom Rom
  • De-Odexed
  • Based on G950FXXU1CRD7
  • 5 way reboot menu added
  • New Boot animation
  • Faster ROM
  • Smooth and Pretty stable rom
  • Optimized for improved battery/performance
  • Customizable AROMA installer with option to debloat & remove knox
  • Knox set to 0x0 when booted
  • Buttons
    • Bixby button remap
    • Back button remap
    • Home button remap
    • Recents button remap
    • Fingerprint custom remap
    • All remaps with custom app support
  • Added screen recorder quick settings tile
  • Alarm volume added to the volume control dialogue
  • Home
    • License Status
    • ROM Version
    • Nightly Changelog
    • Tweaks Version
    • Useful links in regards to the rom
  • Support for G95XF/FD/N variants
  • Device status set to official
  • Application
    • Camera flash battery % limit
    • Fingerprint/Iris unlock after reboot
    • Hide Iris preview on lockscreen
    • Randomize pin keypad on lockscreen (stock samsung theme only)
    • Lockscreen rotation enable/disable
    • Enable/disable Secure screenshots
    • Netflix/other Streaming Apps workaround
  • Choose from magisk or supersu
  • Choose from lots of different CSC features
  • Settings
    • Check for app updates
    • Force English Language
    • Switch to Black Theme [Premium only]
    • Notify about nightly updates on start
    • Notify about nightly updates in background
    • Set the background checking frequency
  • Tweaks app to control your experience
  • System UI
    • Immersive Mode On / Off / Per App
    • Per App Auto Immersive Mode [Premium only]
    • Choose from left, center, right or no clock
    • Enabled/disable opening clock app when clicking on statusbar clock
    • Enable/disable battery icon in statusbar
    • Enable/disable double tap to sleep
    • Enable/disable multi user icon
    • Enable/disable battery bar & lots of customization
    • Choose number of compact quicksetting
    • Choose number of quicksetting rows/columns
    • Enable/disable brightness slider in quicksettings
    • Enable/disable locking of quicksettings pulldown while phone is locked
    • Enable/disable locked quicksettings to be usable when phone is locked
    • Enable/disable quick pulldown
    • Enable/disable blur effect on pulldown
    • Enable/disable removable system notifications
    • Enable/disable keyboard selection notification
    • Navigation bar custom height (Portrait mode)
    • Enable/disable all rotations
    • Enable/disable loud volume warning
    • Enable/disable high brightness warning
    • Enable/disable MTP-popup
    • Window animation scale control
    • Transition animation scale control
    • Animator duration scale control
  • Advance Customization
  • Colors
    • Link statusbar colors
    • Colorable statusbar icons
    • Dark color icons when on a light background
    • Select color for navigation bar icons
    • Enable dynamic navigation bar color
    • Select color for background
    • Select color for header clock
    • Select color for header date
    • Select color for header divider
    • Select color for header settings icon
    • Select color for header menu icon
    • Select color for quicksetting background
    • Select color for quicksetting title text
    • Select color for quicksetting “enabled” tiles
    • Select color for quicksetting “disabled” tiles
    • Select color for quicksetting divider
    • Select color for quicksetting brightness slider
    • Select color for quicksetting brightness slider handle
    • Select color for quicksetting brightness slider icon
    • Select color for quicksetting page indicator
    • Select color for quicksetting data usage
    • Select color for quicksetting drag handle background
    • Select color for quicksetting drag handle icon
    • Enable/disable app icon and name to be the same color
    • Select color for notification background
    • Select color for notification title text
    • Select color for notification summary text
    • Select color for notification footer text
    • Select color for notification footer background
  • Added applock
  • Backup and Restore
    • Backup your color settings
    • Restore color settings from backup
    • Revert to stock colors
  • Removed OEM unlock toggle from settings to avoid accidentally re-locking device
  • Enabled SystemUI Tuner, activate by long press settings button in quicksettings panel
  • Much more!
  • Knox apps and features will not work
  • Miscellaneous
    • CSC selection
    • Enable/disable waking device when connection usb
    • Default app install location
    • Enable/Hide Recovery reboot button
    • Enable/Hide Download mode button
    • Enable/Hide Emergency mode button
  • And so much more


Known Bug

  • Included correct files (will fix hide lockscreen text and notification text color)


Modification of your android device such as Rooting or flashing Custom Recovery/ROM/tweaker’s results to void of the warranty of the device. (We) and its authors will not responsible for bricked devices / dead SD-card or any damage in your device which is incurred in the process of installing tweaker/recovery/rom/firmware/rooting/unlocking or any development process the device. We highly advice you to take a backup of your device prior to performing the process. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM, before flashing it! You are choosing to make these modifications. Nevertheless if you need any help, just comments here. We will always pleased to help you.



You will be needing a bootloader unlocked and custom recovery installed device to flash Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Custom Rom Renovate Ice.


ROM Download

To use Nightly build of Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Custom Rom Renovate Ice V11.1 (SM-G95XF/FD/N) (Oreo 8.1), First you need to download the rom files from download link bellow —


How To Install Renovate Ice Custom ROM In Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+

  • At first Download the ROM and copy the Renovate Ice Rom file (, copy this in Phone’s External Storage/SD-card/USB OTG. and copy the Recovery file in your desktop/laptop.
  • After successfully entering the Custom Recovery Option TWRP first & foremost take a backup up of your current ROM. Select “Backup” 》Select External storage 》 backup process may take 5/7 minutes.
  • After entering TWRP Recovery mode, select “Wipe” and “Format Data“. Now select “Advanced Wipe” and wipe everything but not Micro SD Card and USB OTG.
  • Just Click install select the Rom file ( from Phone’s External storage/SD CARD/USB OTG (where you’ve copied the rom).
  • Now confirm with “Swipe to Install“.
  • AROMA Installer will pop up and guides you through ROM install process.
  • At the end of the installation, you can press “Reboot Now“.
  • Your phone will reboot with new ROM.
  • After that enjoy the test of Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Custom Rom Renovate Ice V11.1 (SM-G95XF/FD/N) (Oreo 8.1) (Nightly).


Source :  XDA Forum


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