OnePlus 6 – Unlock Bootloader Method


OnePlus 6 – Unlock Bootloader Method – Before we unlock bootloader of a smartphone first lets learn what is bootloader of a smartphone and why we need to unlock it? A bootloader of an android smartphone is a program that starts whenever a device is powered on to activate the right operating system. Suppose A device like smartphone or computer has two operating system. A bootloader determines which operating system will be powered on depending on users preference. The same principles applies on a Android device though there is only one operating system, the bootloader determines when to run the operating system or enter recovery mode. The bootloader of a smartphone always remain locked for the security of a smartphone. So, to gain access for some advance modes we need to unlock the botloader. The unlock bootloader requires to enter into recovery mode, flash various .img files, patch files, custom rom etc. So, in this article we will learn to How To Unlock Bootloader of OnePlus 6.


OnePlus 6 – Unlock Bootloader Method

OnePlus 6 – Unlock Bootloader Method
OnePlus 6 – Unlock Bootloader Method



  • Unlocking bootloader will void your safety warranty.
  • Take a full backup of your phone into a safe storage.
  • keep your phone’s charge upto 60%
  • Use original USB Cable for the process.
  • and its author will not be responsible if you end up bricking your device.


Downloads & Requirements

  • Oneplus 6 Drivers – Download
  • ADB Drivers – Download
  • OnePlus 6
  • A Windows Running Computer
  • Original USB Cable


How To Unlock Bootloader Of OnePlus 6

  • First of all, Update your Oneplus 6 drivers and ADB Fastboot drivers from the link given above.
  •  Then go to your phone’s Setting>About Phone>Build Number. Tap on Build Number for 6-7 times to activated Developer Mode.
  • Then, go to Setting>Developer Mode Turn on USB Debugging [Tick √] and Active Advance Rebooot [Tick √].
  • Now, Turn off the phone.
  • Boot into fastboot mode by holding Volume Up + Power Button. The phone will show Fastboot text which indicates the phone has successfully entered into fastboot mode.
  • Now, plug your phone into the computer. On your computer go to adb folder and open a command prompt window by holding Shift+ Right mouse button.
  • On the Command window write fastboot devices and hit enter. It will list the connected device —


fastboot devices


  • If your phones serial number shows up you are good to go and may continue. If the phone is NOT listed this indicates that your drivers are not installed correctly. In order for you to continue you must fix your drivers so that your phone is listed under fastboot devices.
  • If the phone has been recognized by the command above, proceed to unlocking the bootloader with the following command. Remember, this step will wipe off everything from your storage. So Backup your data.
  • On the command window type —


fastboot oem unlock


How to Unlock bootloader of Oneplus 5
Courtesy XDA
  • You’ll be shown a warning page of Unlock Bootloader. Use volume up/down button and Select YES. YES text will turn into blue. Excute the selection by pressing power button.
Oneplus 5 Unlock bootloader
Photo Courtesy: XDA
  • Your device will reboot now. You’ll be shown a secure boot warning. reboot into stock recovery and wipe all data.
  • Once done, you’ll beyour phone will reboot into OS.
  • Congratulation! Your OnePlus 6 Bootloader is unlocked now.


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