Google Camera for Realme XT (Enhanced Night Sight)


Google Camera for Realme XT (G-Cam) (Stable Version with Night Site Enable). The Realme XT is arguably the best camera smartphone available under its price segment. The camera is one of the main highlights of the smartphone. It uses the Pixel binning technology to capture some great photo.  Like all other Realme phones, this one also comes with a Camera2 API sport and the GCam support. It has a quadruple-camera setup on the back with a 64 Mega-Pixel primary sensor. Realme XT uses the Pixel binning technology to capture some great photos. Like every other Realme smartphone, the default camera app on the all-new Realme XT uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for decent shots. But the Google Camera App is undoubtedly the best camera port available for the Realme XT. The latest version of G-cam comes with enhanced Night Sight mode, it’s working on the Qualcomm chipset devices. The software implementations and the AI makes the GCam better than any other camera app. And many developers have started porting the Pixel 3 camera app for other phones, that’s the reason you can able to use the G-Cam on Realme XT.


Google Camera for Realme XT (G-Cam) (Enhanced Night Sight)

Download Google Camera for Realme XT (G-Cam) (Stable Version with Night Site Enable)
G-Cam for Realme XT



The Camera2 API is fully enabled on the Realme XT with RAW support, which means you can access all the features of Pixel 3 camera app. We’ve tested the GCam 6.2 and Google Camera 7.0 (from Pixel 4), both works fine on our unit. The advantages of using GCam on Realme XT is decent low light shots, portrait mode, and absolutely the Night Sight. Here you can find the download links.


How to Install Google Camera on Realme XT

First download the G-cam from download section. Copy them in your phone’s storage. Install the app. Voila… Just tweak/follow the recommended setting to get an optimal G-Cam experience on your Realme XT.


Recommended Settings

To get and optimal performance out of Realme XT with google Camera, just follow the setting bellow —

For trCamera_REBORN_V4b.apk

  • First, Open Google Camera App > More > Settings > Advanced > Enable.
    • Enable Google Photos
    • HDR+ Control
    • Use HDR+ Enhanced in Portrait Mode
    • Tripod Mode
    • Manual Mode
    • Set Portrait Mode to Pixel 2 & 3 Default (1.5X)
  • After that get back to setting again and do the following setting—
    • Set Back Camera as Pixel 3 XL and Front as Pixel XL.
    • Set Quality HDR+ to High 16
    • Set Libs to IQsharpv3
    • Turn On Pixel AWB Mode
    • Use AWB gains mode

For MGC_6.1.021_F1_V1.7.apk & Gcam_6.2.030_Advanced_V2.2.190716.1800-Final.apk

  • Go to Camera app settings > About > Enable Advanced Mode.
  • Head over to the Advanced Settings or BSG Mod Settings > Input Module.
    • Front Camera as Nexus 6P
    • Back Camera as Pixel 3 XL
    • Config to Pixel2018 Zslr Hdr+
  • Enable Google Photos & disable zoom in Portrait mode options.
  • Turn of Pixel 3 AWB mode.
  • Turn on HDR+ Enhanced in Portrait mode.
  • Change Saturation for Back Camera
    • Highlight Saturation to 2.2
    • Shadow Saturation to 2.5


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