Facebook Set To Launch Dark Mode (Beta Test)


Facebook Set to Launch Dark Mode. Facebook’s Dark Mode is being tested. At the beginning og the 2019, Facebook rolled out a darken mode in Messenger while also brief eventually bring Dark Mode to its main facebook app.


Facebook Set To Launch Dark Mode (Beta Test)

Facebook Set To Launch Dark Mode (Beta Test)
Facebook Set To Launch Dark Mode (Beta Test)


Facebook has been gradually rolling out “FB5”, a fresh new design to their app since F8 2019. With FB5, the app looks very bright, it looks almost completely white. When used at night, it can double as a flashlight, and it could be harmful to our eyesight. Personally I think this style of facebook is similar to twitter.




New 2019 Facebook profile timeline Dark mode Beta

This Dark Mode appears to be in an early stage of development, understandably. For now, only few Facebook has ID has chosen for testing the Facebook dark mode beta and this dark mode only available in desktop version of facebook and certain parts of the app has been reworked to support the Dark Mode. Currently, Dark Mode in Facebook’s app is half-finished and clearly needs more work.

Facebook’s public beta testing program is limited to Android devices that’s why only android and Desktop user get to see this feature because Facebook beta tester program is only limited to android. But you can relax because Dark Mode is coming to the iPhone edition of the mobile Facebook app too!

Facebook Beta Tester:

Facebook dark mode Beta Tester


Facebook lets you to opts-out from this update. If you want to go back previous style until the product is finished, you can.

Switch between dark and white mode and witch back to classic

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